Social Media Management for Franchise Networks

You need our social media program for your franchise network!

From your monthly Advertising Fee, let us customize all or part of an effective social media program that will sell your product or service and also bring aboard more franchisees!

Our social media programs include corporate messages shared across ALL your franchise locations, in combination with customized location specific social media posts tailored to EACH of your franchisees.

Benefits to franchisors

  • Participate in our social media program and become a ‘Featured Franchise’ on our ‘Franchise Now’ compatibility app containing over 800 franchisor videos which is gaining momentum across the US!
  • Cost effective social media programs are designed to use a portion of your combined monthly advertising royalties from your franchisees!
  • There is NO finder’s fee for new franchise sales from ‘Franchise Now’ app leads. This is only for those franchisors that participate in our social media program!

Franchise Social Media now presents you an invaluable means of using social media as your prime tool of expanding brand recognition across the country!

Get in touch with us today to discuss a customized social media program for your franchise network!

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